TomTom Installation Error: While Installing TomTom Home


Although, TomTom HOME Installation is a smooth and hassle free process. However, in case if it fails. In other words, you get a “TomTom installation error: While Installing TomTom Home. Then, this is probably due to a fault in your OS. Hence, follow the steps given below to resolve this issue. 

Check System Requirements 

One of the most common issues that result in the TomTom Installation Error is incompatible computers. In short, your system fails to fulfill the specified system requirements. Hence, first of all, you should carefully check the same. You can find the specified System Requirements on the TomTom website’s support page.

Update Your OS

Your OS must be up-to-date for ensuring the error-free installation of TomTom HOME. 

Update Windows OS

  1. First of all, open “Control Panel” on your system. For this, click “Start” > “Control Panel”. 
  2. Now, click on “System and Security”.
  3. Then, click on “Windows Update”.
  4. As a result, Windows will automatically check for all available updates. If updates are available, it will list them.
  5. Hence, click on “Install” beside each update one-by-one. In this way, install all the available updates in order of their importance.

Update Mac OS

  1. First of all, click on the “Apple” menu to expand it.
  2. Then, select “System Preferences”. 
  3. Now, click on “Software Update” to check available updates.
  4. In case, if any update is available, it will display the same.
  5. Hence, click on the “Update Now” button to start installing them. 
  6. However, in case if you want to check details of the available updates first. Then, click on ”More info”. 
  7. As a result, your Mac is up-to-date. You will even get a confirmation for the same on your screen. This process updates the installed version of the Mac OS along with all of its applications. For eg., Safari, iTunes, Books, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos, FaceTime etc.

Home Error: While Installing TomTom Home

Uninstall And Re-install TomTom HOME

Uninstall TomTom HOME

For Windows

  1. To begin with, click on the Windows “Start” menu.
  2. Now, click on “Control Panel” to open it.
  3. Next, you should click on “Programs and Features”.
  4. Thereafter, select TomTom HOME from the list of installed applications. Then, click “Uninstall/Change”.
  5. After that, click “Continue” if prompted for permission.
  6. Then, click “Next”. 
  7. Subsequently, click “Uninstall”.
  8. Finally, click “Finish”.
  9. Once again, click on the Windows “Start” menu.
  10. Then, click “Computer”.
  11. Now, click “Organize” > “Folder and Search Options”.
  12. Thereafter, select the “View” tab followed by “Show hidden files and folders”.
  13. Now, access “Computer” > “Local Disk” > “Users” > your “User Folder” > “AppData” > “Roaming”.
  14. Here, you should look for the “TomTom Folder”. Now, right-click on it and select “Delete”.
  15. Once again, go to  “Computer” > “Local Disk” > “Users” > your “User Folder” > “AppData” > “Local”.
  16. Then, right-click on the “TomTom Folder” and select “Delete”.
  17. Subsequently, open “Documents” > “TomTom” > “HOME” > “Download”.
  18. Thereafter, drag the “Folder” in the “Download Folder” to your Desktop. As such, it creates a backup of all the items downloaded through “TomTom HOME”.
  19. Once again, open “Documents”. Then, right-click on “TomTom”. Thereafter, select “Delete”.
  20. As such, it is completely removed from your system. Now, download the latest version of “TomTom HOME” from the “Support” page of its official website.
  21. Then, reinstall the same by following on-screen instructions.

For Mac

  1. First and foremost, click on the “Finder” icon from the “Dock”.
  2. Then, click “Go” > “Application”.
  3. Next, you should drag “TomTom HOME” to the “Trash”.
  4. Alternatively, you should select “TomTom HOME”. Then, click “File” > “Move to Trash”.
  5. Now, you should delete the “downloads Folder” from “TomTom Home Directory” as explained below.
  • To begin with, open the “Finder” menu.
  • Now, click “Go” > “Home”.
  • Then, click “Edit” > “Copy TomTom”.
  • Next, you should click on the “Desktop” icon to select it.
  • Once again, access the “Finder” menu. Then, click “Edit” > “Paste Item”.
  • As such, now you have a backup of the items downloaded through “TomTom HOME”.
  • Thereafter, open the “Documents” folder.
  • Then, go to “TomTom” > “Home”.
  • Now, drag the “Download” folder to “Trash”.
  • Subsequently, select “Downloads” folder. Now, in the “Finder” menu, click “File” > “Move to Trash”.
  • After that, open the “User” folder. Then, access “Library” > “Application Support”.
  • Thereafter, drag “TomTom HOME” folder to “Trash”.
  • As such, “TomTom HOME” is eliminated from your Mac. Hence, download its latest version from the “Support” page of its official website. Then, carefully re-install it.

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